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All I Want : A portrait of Rufus Wainwright

Client: Isis Productions for Geffen

All I Want is a visual portrait of an artist and an exploration of his art form, a film which will explore the mindset and outlook of this mercurial talent, the composer of some of the most sophisticated pop music of the last thirty years, writer of lyrics which sit on a page without musical accompaniment as fully formed poetry.  But beyond the talent is a story worthy of the greatest soap operas.

Including footage of a live performance on his recent UK tour and specially filmed studio recordings, we showcase Rufus’ talents thrilling his growing hoards of fans who are familiar with Rufus’ mesmeric stage presence while also bringing unexpected joy to the uninitiated.

All I Want gives a unique insight into an artist in full flow and at the height of his powers, a celebration of four albums, and a snapshot of a future classic in the making.