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Client: Isis Productions for Sky One

Fabulous! is a 3 part documentary series set in South Miami Beach in White Party Week. This is a week of AIDS fund-raising events which take place in the South Beach area every Thanksgiving weekend in November. The centre piece of this is The White Party at Vizcaya where approximately 2,000 people pay $150 per ticket for this the most glamorous of these type of events. We attend the parties and experience them through the eyes of our characters.

Programme 1

We are introduced to our main characters, to South Beach itself and to the week of events that will be the backbone of our series. We see the initial setting up of two of the main parties and see our characters in South Beach. They hit the first event – the fashion show and then head straight out to the party at The Warsaw Ballroom where Michael is on the pull and where Darren takes a little too much of the ambre nectar. For them Thanksgiving is a day for recovering and reflecting.

Programme 2

It is Friday and everyone is now in town for the fun even Blue the star of blue movies. Scott is setting up Muscle Beach Party and only has three hours but everything is going wrong. The beach party does however go off with a bang and is hot and heaving. After that some shopping, some cocktails, and then to the Miami Beach Convention Centre with 7,000 others for the Snowball. This is hard core partying and the boys have never known anything like it. Scott is too exhausted to enjoy i Gt and although Elaine is tired she is working it. Even the snowfall doesn’t cool down the revellers.

Programme 3

It is now Sunday and although we start in the early hours at the White Heat Party at Salvation everyone’s mind is on The White Party at Vizcaya. We meet Henrietta who is “elegant” and we see everyone’s preparations. The White Party is beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. We see real or otherwise, The Hat Sisters, Bill Clinton (complete with cigar), The Pope, and numerous angels and drag queens. It is glamorous, wild, extravagant and most of all fabulous!

Fabulous! doesn’t disappoint; it sets out to be a fun, high-velocity celebration of gay culture – and it does its job bloody well.’ Time Out