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Madeleine Peyroux The Blue Room

Client: Isis Productions for Universal Music International

This film follows celebrated and award-winning jazz singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Madeleine Peyroux as she records her inspired new album, The Blue Room. The album is a return to what she is known best for – reinterpreting songs with an emotion and depth that can’t help but touch the soul and the film has privileged access to the creative process in the studio.

THE BLUE ROOM features Madeleine reinterpreting songs from Ray Charles’ seminal album MODERN SOUNDS IN COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC, as well as others from legendary artists such as Randy Newman and Leonard Cohen, whose legacies are herein enveloped into a similar melting pot of the variety of American popular song. Released in the summer of 1962, MODERN SOUNDS was a daring album for Charles as it broke the mold of what was expected from him, and in turn, truly represented artistic freedom – something that clearly inspires Peyroux’s album THE BLUE ROOM. Conceived and produced by the legendary GRAMMY-Award winner Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, Herbie Hancock), he says, “Ray’s cultural landmark of an album has always been a part of me. I have loved this album ever since I can remember and I knew that Madeleine would be the perfect voice to bring it to the forefront again.”